Step 1: Download Aptono from the main website

Go to and read terms and conditions and the privacy statement. If you agree, go to the download page by clicking at the top bar on download. Fill in the form with your data and click submit. Your download will start shortly.

Step 2: Place files

Extract the zip file that was downloaded. The zip file contains all the files that are needed to run Aptono. There is no installation process. Place the files from the zip in a folder where you want run Aptono from. Note that you can still pick another folder for data storage later in the installation process.

Step 3: Start Aptono

Start the application by running the file Aptono (Aptono.exe on Windows, Aptono.bin on Linux). For the first launch of the program, go through the setup process as described here. There is a gui version and a cli version of Aptono. Running the executable automatically starts the gui version. Using the cli version is described here.