Headers and footers

To add a page header to the current page, add the following statement to the markup editor:

#header.h(30){#fs(10)Hello from header
  • The '.h(30)' indicates that the header should have a height of 30mm.
  • The '#fs(10)' indicates that the font size should be 10 points.
  • The '---' adds the line to the header.

Its possible to add headers that will be show through out the whole document. This is called a sticky page header. To make a page header sticky, add the '.sticky' modifier to the header statement:

#header.h(30).sticky{#fs(10)Hello from header

The sticky header will remain active until a new header is defined.

Note that the same applies for page footers. A common pattern is to add page numbers to the footer. A template is added to the right click menu.