General settings of a collection

In the general settings you can change the name of the collection and its permission settings.


Collection name

The collection name is shown in the main folder and in the dropdowns when selection reference collections. Please don't include sensitive information in the collection name. Users that do not have permission to see the collection will not see it in the collection folder, but name itself might be included in reference data.

Collection permissions

For more information about setting permissions, please refer to the Permissions section. Below a description is given of what the different settings control.

  • Admins: Collection admins can change settings of the collection, including its permissions. They are the only ones that can open the settings window. They are also the only ones that can freeze and unfreeze fields in records of that particular collection. Besides that they have all the permissions to create / read / update any record.
  • Visitors: visitors can open the collection but cannot change settings or change the freeze status of fields. Visitors cannot automatically create, read or update records. For that they need additional permissions which are set in the settings below.
  • Visitors/create records: If visitors have the permissions specified here then they will be able to create records.
  • Visitors/read records: visitors will see the records and can use the table to filter / search in the collection.
  • Visitors/update records: visitors with these permissions will be able to change the values of the fields in the record.

Note that for visitors there are also section permissions that control access to sections of records. These are defined at the sections settings.