Single and multi value

Single value fields and multi value fields have the following settings:

  • Datatype: select which datatype you want this field to have. To see which data types are compatible, see here.
  • Default value: if a value is entered here, it will show up on the add form by default. This value is also used when a user sends an incomplete record to the server. This might happen when the user does not have access to all the sections of the record. For more info see Permissions. Note that for multi value field types, the default values have to be unique.
  • Unique values: require each record to have an unique value in this field, a value that is not present on any other record in this collection. When enabled Aptono will first check all records currently in the collection before accepting a new record. If the new record has an unique value in this field, the record will be accepted. If it does not, the record will be rejected and the user who sent the record will receive a message. This can be useful for example for serial numbers or unique naming of items.
  • Validators: validators are used to constrain the possible input into a field. Validators check the value that the user puts into the field and accepts or rejects it. When it rejects the value, it shows an error message to the user. Different data types have different validators. See here for more on specific validators.

Using multi value fields

Multi value fields need to have unique values within one field. You cannot add two times the same value within one field.