🚧 Terminology

Below an overview of terms that are used in this documentation that might need some context.

Add formUsed by users for adding new records to a collection.
AptonoThe program that runs on your server, contains the database and serves the dashboard. Aptono stands for Apto Repono, which roughly translates to Adjustable Storage.
Aptono companyThe company behind the Aptono program
CollectionA 'collection' of records, which all have the same template.
DashboardThe program that runs in the browser and gives users access to the database
Edit formUsed for reviewing and changing data in records. The contents and format can be changed by collection admins.
FieldA single data point on a record.
License serverThe server that is maintained by Aptono company. This where you Aptono account is registered and license info is stored.
RecordA single item in a collection which contains data.
Record templateThe definition of what kind of data a record contains.
SectionPart of a record template that has similar permissions.
UserPeople that use the dashboard to interact with the database.
VisitorUsers that do not have admin permissions to a certain collection.