Events and automated actions

Aptono uses events to define when certain automated actions should be done. There are two types of events:

  • Trigger events: these events occur when some user interaction is performed in the collection.
  • Timed events: these event occur based on a planned point in time or based on a recurring schedule.

Both event types can be used to perform one of the following actions:

  • Create record: create a new record in the collection where the event ocurred or in another collection.
  • Email collection accounts: send an email message to users with the right permissions.
  • Email login account in record: send an email to users of which the login account is defined within the records of the collection.
  • Activate fields: select which fields of the record should be activated.
  • Deactivate fields: select which fields of the record should be deactivated.
  • Create tasks: select a user that should receive task and define what needs to happen in order to complete the task.

Collection admins can define events in the collection settings window (see here).

Loop detection

Note that Aptono will not allow loops to occur in the definitions of events. If a sequence of events and actions would case a loop, an error message is sent.